One year of engagement

OH MY GOODNESS. We made it. Well, through a year (525,600 minutes) of engagement. A LOT has happened this past year. We got engaged (obviously) and then immediately jetted off to Europe!


We made the perfect pint at the Guinness Academy!


Met William Wallace (Bryan’s Hero).


Locked up our love in Paris.


And brought the 4th of July to our family in Southern France (Bethany not pictured).

And that was just the summer! In the fall we watched and cheered on Horned Frog Football, I dragged everyone to way too many bridal shows, I found my wedding gown, and we celebrated the holidays with our families. December 31st we rang in the New Year in style:


January saw quite a few changes. Nathan and Bryan bought a condo in Dallas (which meant lots of painting and decorating in the following months) and we found a new church home in City Church International- which has been an enormous blessing!

Over Spring Break we traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (read more here). We’ve made many trips to Chuy’s, Frankie’s, and Torchy’s- can you tell we like Mexican food? We have procrastinated wedding planning, but gained the help of our wonderful planner, Stefanie Miles. We’ve made countless trips back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Most importantly, we’ve started building a strong foundation for our marriage. Wedding planning is stressful, but this has been our best year yet and I know it will only get sweeter from here!


This was a few weeks ago at the Texas Ranger’s game.

These are just a few of my favorite moments of the past year- so much has happened this year and we are so blessed! I asked Bryan to tell me what his favorite moment of this past year was and here is what he said:

“The best moment in the past year with Rachel has actually come in just the last few weeks.

After many thoughtful discussions, a lot of prayer, and a lot of confusion, I finally had a moment of clarity a few weeks back.

Rachel and I have been getting more and more involved in our church and have really been seeking the Lord to put our relationship in his hands and back on the foundation it should have started on. Many times I have felt like I was failing in being the spiritual leader of our relationship. A few weeks ago I had a time of confession with a bible study I have started attending on my own. I asked the group for their prayers that the Lord would transform my heart and help me become the leader I know I can be in Rachel and I’s relationship. In this simple act of confession, the Lord immediately took my heart and made very clear to me some of the steps that I needed to take to put myself, and our relationship back on the right track.

Since then, Rachel and I have grown so much in our understanding of each other and our true need for reliance on the Lord to guide our relationship. We are certainly still in the early stages of this transformation, but I know that our hearts are in the right place and we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime filled with love, joy, and thankfulness for the gift we have been given in each other. I look forward to the next year, our marriage, and the rest of our lives together.”

WAIT. I am so lucky. Swoon.

This time next year we will be preparing to tie the knot and I know God will only continue to use us to glorify Him- Praise the Lord!

Enjoy, y’all!


P.S. 365 days until I’m a MRS!


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