Lifelong Adventures: Part 2

Ah, Jackson Hole. This past week you have been dearly missed as I rushed to class, scrambled to get things done, and the weather in Texas has yet again plummeted to what I consider an inexcusable 41 degrees (it is almost April for goodness sakes!). It was a great trip. I informed you in my previous post that it has been about a decade since I last skied, which was terrifying; however, I was not as bad as I thought I would be! That is, until my trusty life partner decided that it was time I try a blue run about halfway through the day. Though I was nervous, I trust Bryan wholeheartedly and I decided to go for it. Poor life choices. I made it about halfway down the run before disaster struck, and by “made it” I mean that I yelled at Bryan to slow down and stopped about every 5 feet to say that I couldn’t do it. During a turn, I started picking up speed. This did not make me happy! What happened next, I imagine looked like something right out of a cartoon. I lost control and dove head first down the mountain. Skies flew, snow kicked up, legs and arms flung about, and eventually I came to a stop and just laid there. I will admit and few tears slipped out, and I did tell Bryan that I broke a rib, but it was really just a little hurt pride. And that is exactly what I told the nice ski patrol man who had witnessed the whole thing. I really wish we had documentation of this incident because I am sure it was hilarious. Bryan tried to convince me that I could make it down the rest of the mountain but, because I am stubborn, I used my poles to hike the rest of the way down like a fool. But I made it in one piece and that is all that matters.

I did ski again after that incident. In fact I found my most favorite run ever. It’s called CATS. If you know me, you know that I love cats. And that Bryan is deathly allergic. So I try to find cats in other parts of my life and finding this run was God telling me that I can ski because there are cats there. Very comforting.


And it was a green swirly! I think that means its a little bit harder… Go me! Here is Bryan rocking it on the mountain:


That all happened day one. The next day we went to the harder ski mountain. You can understand, based on the previous days events, why I decided not to ski a second day. However, I got the gondola and the tram pass so that I could still go up to the top of the mountain. About midway through the day we went about halfway up the mountain on the gondola for lunch. It was the most incredible view I have ever seen and THE BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE. No joke. Savory meatloaf on a ciabatta bun with onion strings on top. I’ll spare you the picture I took of it. I have no idea why it was so incredible, but I would eat it for every meal for the rest of my life. Often Bryan and I judge a trip based on how good the food was- this trip was pretty exceptional. This is us outside of the restaurant. The professional picture is much better, but I like this one too!


AWWW. Right behind us is Corbet’s Coulior, which is a terrifying cliff that people hike up to ski down. Because people are crazy. Later we took the tram up to the top of the mountain behind us. Hiking to the summit is a lot easier when you only have to go up about 15 feet after you get off the tram! By that point we were exhausted, but we posed for some pictures.



And then I took the tram back down the mountain while Bryan skied down. He took this picture on his way down…



The next day we just explored Jackson Hole. It is such a picturesque town. Outside of town there is an Elk Refuge where thousands of elk gather each winter. We went on a wagon ride around the refuge and got right up next to these elk! It was an incredible experience! Our fabulous guide is the cowboy in the back of this picture. As you can see- we ended up shedding our big coats the third day because it was in the 50s!


The elk shed their antlers every spring and local boy scouts go around and pick them up off of the refuge. They host a huge auction in May and use the elk antlers to make giant arches around town! Beautiful.


Bryan decided to be artsy when he was editing this one. What a guy.

Well I hope you enjoyed following us on our trek around Jackson Hole! We are meeting with our planner on Friday so be on the look out for a post about that!

Enjoy, y’all!


P.S. 416 days until I’m a Mrs.!


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