Lifelong Adventures

So originally, I was so excited to have two years to plan my perfect wedding day- and most of the time I still am. I am engaged to the man of my dreams and I get to go to school everyday at a university that I love; however, those things are just happen to be opposing forces. My heart is often in two different places, which makes life difficult sometimes! I realized that lately I have taken to complaining about our situation instead of actually doing something about it. I am wishing away my time! Not cool, Rachel. Not cool. I am working to be satisfied with where we are now AND to make the most of the time we have together.

Well this upcoming week is Spring Break which means 9 full days fun with my b-dog! We are about to head off on one of our many adventures and this time it is to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you know anything about skiing then you think this is really cool. If you are like me, you are thinking to yourself, “why the heck would you spend your spring break in Wyoming?!” I get it. It’s kinda weird. But I also think it is going to be really cool. And I am going to be pretty dependent of Bryan, which will be a good test of our relationship. You see, I haven’t skied since I was about ten… And that has pretty much been on purpose. My last memories of skiing involve a lot of hatred and darkness. I’m hoping that turns around on this trip.


I’m pretty sure this picture is from my last attempt at skiing. My gangster bro is on the left, mom in the middle, and that’s me sitting in the snow. We loved the 90s. All joking aside, I am very excited to head up to Jackson Hole! Life with Bryan means trying new things (or in this case, trying things I don’t want to try again) and constant adventure, even in our day to day life. I will update y’all when we get back because I am sure we will have some great stories and hopefully some good pictures too.

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Enjoy, y’all!


P.S. 432 days until I’m a Mrs.!


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