DJ Connection

We just booked a DJ! Cool. Okay. So, the DJ may be the most important part of any party. According to Urban Dictionary– “if a party fails for whatever reason, the DJ is usually the scapegoat.” Yes, I did just Urban Dictionary the word (is that a word?) DJ.

Sometimes when I think of a DJ, I cringe. I have horrific flashbacks to middle school dances and having to do the Hokey Pokey, or worse, a slow dance to Whitney Houston.

It does seem kind of soon to book a DJ, but believe it or not they already had 2 of their 4 available spots filled for May 17, 2014! Guess who filled the 3rd spot?! That’s right. Us. This means I’m not crazy for planning a wedding a year and a half in advance, right?! (RIGHT?!)! Still not too sure about that…

Anywho… Here are my tips on finding a great DJ!

1. Go to Bridal Shows! First of all, they are just fun! Especially right after you’ve gotten engaged. Plus, vendors offer great deals and giveaways to clients who book with them through the bridal show. Can you say “$500 off”?! That’s a great deal! You also get a chance to meet with someone face-to-face, which is another plus.

2. Find a DJ who you will enjoy listening to for the entire night. Sounds silly, but you don’t want someone whose jokes are too cheesy or who is totally monotonous! The great thing about the DJ we found is that they are a relatively large company and they can offer the right DJ for any occasion! When I talked to them on the phone they asked for a preferred energy level on a scale of 1-10. Since I don’t want the DJ to dominate I said a 5 or 6. It just depends on your personality!

3. Find someone who will include more than just the DJ. Ours offers different lighting packages, a mic for the officiant, unlimited free consultations, music for the ceremony, and free music downloads for any songs they don’t have.

So, drumroll please, we chose DJ Connection! Check them out!

Also, (*SHAMELESS PLUG*) we get $100 off for each referral we get that books with DJ Connection. If you are looking for a DJ for any reason, let me know, we can chat about it!

DJ Connection

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Enjoy, y’all!



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