Anyone watch Miss America last Saturday?

Unless you are me, the answer to that is probably no, so I’ll go ahead and catch you up.

*Spoiler Alert* Miss New York won. Her tough, urban edge was attractive to the judges apparently. And, yes, she was attractive (I mean, really, is that even a question?!).

found via the Miss America website

found via the Miss America website

There were no mascara tears this year, hallelujah- because no one wants to see that (and she really couldn’t have invested in waterproof mascara?). As a Texan, where the bigger the hair, the closer to God, I’m a little worried for Miss New York… She had some bobbing crown issues, which means she needed a little extra fluff from the hair department to help hold that baby in place. Miss New York did have a very spunky talent and a b-e-a-utiful dress, though, so I’ll have to give her some credit.

very sad mascara tears

very sad mascara tears

The talents were a little worrisome this year… Since Les Mis is hardly ever sung, I was shocked when Miss Maryland sang “I Dreamed A Dream.” She actually did a pretty great job, so that was fortunate. Miss Washinton, however, sang “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. My first confused moment came when they announced the song. I mean, she is Miss Washington not Miss Some Other State That’s More South. My second moment of confusion came when some sort of sound came out of her mouth. Ok. That’s harsh. She wasn’t that horrible, but she definitely needed a better song (and a new coach). My next “Whattttt?” moment came when Miss Illinois started dancing. I don’t even know what she danced to or what style it was supposed to be, but it was… Well, let’s just say, someone needed a talent last minute and dancing seemed like a good solution? That was also disappointing because before that moment she was a top contender in my book!

The interview section asked some pretty tough questions, which were all very well evaded with extremely general answers. Then came the crowning, and well, the rest is history I suppose.

Another surprising fact: Miss Texas hasn’t won the coveted Miss America title since 1975, but since then she has made an appearance in (at least) the top 15, twenty-six times. Crazy right?! Ok so maybe you don’t care. But I do. And you obviously care enough to read that entire post about stuff that you don’t care about. I don’t blame you. It’s fascinating.

Enjoy, y’all!



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