The ladies by my side… Part two

So a few days ago I told y’all about my beautiful bridesmaids and MOH, but you may be wondering, “How do I even ask someone to stand by me on my wedding day?!” Never fear, I have consulted my bff pinterest and come up with a few ideas. I tell y’all what I did first:

Hannah was pretty easy. I asked her a couple of weeks before heading back to school because I knew I wanted her to be my MOH (are y’all sick of that abbrev. yet?!). Like I said in my last post, she is VERY type-A and what type-A person doesn’t love a gift basket?!


The cute basket was a Michael’s purchase- I would highly recommend getting the Michael’s and Hobby Lobby iPhone apps, just for the awesome coupons. The bunting (that’s the little triangle things) was a printable that I had saved on my computer. It was meant to be much larger, but I scaled each letter down before printing them. After cutting them out and hanging them on some yarn, I realized they looked a little washed out so I went back in with a sharpie to outline the letters. Here is what is included:

– Koozie- found at Michael’s and personalized by yours truly

– Journal- also found at Michael’s and also personalized by yours truly

– Large “H” and “M” letters, wrapped in yarn

– a vase and other decorative items for her (then) new apartment

– The Bridesmaids Guide by Kate Chynoweth

– A handwritten (what? who even has stationary anymore? we do.) note explaining why I can’t wait for her to be my MOH!

I asked my other bridesmaids this past fall. Here is what I did for them:


I made these awesome little boxes, inspired by pinterest… what’s new? I found these boxes at Michael’s for about $1 each and then hand stamped the wording on the outside (insert name here- bryan popped the question! now it is my turn…) and the inside (will you be my bridesmaid?). I really enjoy stamping and think it looks much nicer than my own handwriting! I put some of that shredded paper that people use for gifts inside the box to fill some space. Of course, if I was popping the question, I needed a ring! That was the hard part… I searched about 8 different stores before finally googling where I could find Ring Pops. The ever-reliable internet led me to Dollar General. Sure enough I found them there! Hallelujah! Didn’t they turn out cute?!

You may be thinking, “That’s great Rachel, but not really my style… any other ideas?” Well, I looked around and here is what I found!

For the bridesmaid that enjoys a few drinks:

tutorial here

tutorial here

Who doesn’t like food? Consider asking with a specialized cookie or cupcake!

will you bee my bridesmaid?

will you bee my bridesmaid?

Another great idea is to show your bridesmaids some inspiration for your day, so they can understand your vision.

see more here

see more here

I think the wording is a little awkward… who wants be someones maid?! It sounds like you will have to clean up after your bride, but the idea is cute!

There is also a plethora of cute cards on etsy (another favorite site), like this one:

Or this one:


Whew! That was a long post! The moral of the story is to do something that reflects your (and your bridesmaid’s) personality. And have some fun with it! These girls are going to be so helpful during this process, so make them feel special.

Leave some love, y’all. What do you think about asking bridesmaids?




3 thoughts on “The ladies by my side… Part two

  1. Hi Rachel – it sure was easier back in my day, 33 years ago. A telephone call to all the ladies was sufficient! I’m glad it was like that because I am all thumbs when it comes to crafting. I’m enjoying your blog, and love your enthusiasm! Have fun, and when you run into a wall, and it will happen, just “keep calm and carry on”! My best to you and your sweet mom.

    • Ohhh! I will be doing ring pop in a box too! And probably a few of those fizzy balls. Love the boxes! I love your blog because I am down here in College Station considering a 2 year engagement too.

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