The ladies by my side

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have chosen my bridesmaids! Deciding how many people would stand beside us on our wedding day was difficult. Eventually Bryan decided he was just having family: his two younger brothers, his cousin, and my brother. Because we are both OCD, that meant that I was going to have 4 bridesmaids, so it would be even on each side! Here are my lovely ladies :)

don't we look the same age? B loves that...

don’t we look the same age? B loves that…

Lexi is Bryan’s younger sister and the youngest of the Lewis clan. She is a student at our high school alma matter and even on the same drill team that I was on! In the future, she’s going to be a great teacher, following in the footsteps of her mom and B (and her future sister-in-law :)). She’s one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth girls I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to have her with me through this process!

she loves pancakes

she loves pancakes

Meredith and I met during our first couple of weeks at TCU. While hanging out in the commons, being awkward freshmen, we decided to go back to her room and help her pick out an outfit to wear to the first football game. In her room I spotted the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (a MUST read!), so I asked her if she loved Jesus, very bold of me, but she said yes! As she was telling me about her experience with YoungLife, I got a feeling that she knew Bryan’s brother, Caleb, who was also involved in YL. Turns out she had worked with him that past summer and even had a picture of them together on her wall! Talk about a small world! Shortly after that, I knew we would become besties. She has a great love for life and pouring into her YL girls, which I admire so much! Meredith’s laughter is contagious and I know she will help me stay sane during the hard parts of wedding planning!

we were going to make a t-shirt...

we were going to make a t-shirt…

Emma… this picture pretty much sums it up! Emma had the pleasure of living with me freshman year and she loved it so much that we are living together again next year! We met via Facebook, like any modern women would do, so I had to make sure she was normal before we lived together. Now whether or not she is normal is still up for debate… Emma was one of the first at TCU to know I was dating a (then) 23-year-old, and she definitely saw us through our toughest growth spurt. Emma is such a wonderful woman of Christ and I am so excited to see what direction God sends her in. She is about to embark on a journey to Spain for the entire semester (tears!), but I know she is probably glad I won’t be able to bug her as much!

And last but certainly not least:

(I couldn’t choose one picture, so enjoy the lovely montage)

she loves squirrels...

she loves squirrels…

...and waffles...

…and waffles…

...and she's a great dancer...

…and she’s a great dancer…

... and this is how she feels about these pictures.

… and this is how she feels about these pictures.

Hannah is my Maid of Honor, now to be referred to as the MOH (that’s a good wedding abbrev.). We have known each other since Junior High School, but we didn’t become friends until the end of our sophomore year in high school when we first danced together for a drill team competition.

when we first danced together (sophomore year)...

yikes! when we first danced together (sophomore year)…

...and the last time we danced together (senior year).

…and the last time we danced together (senior year).

She is one of the goofiest, most “type A,” socially awkward, and beautiful people on the face of the planet. I love her so much that I wanted her to marry into the Lewis clan as well. So we set Hannah and Nathan (B’s brother) up on a date… it failed miserably. All my hopes and dreams faded away as I watched the awkwardness ensue. Don’t worry, we all laugh about it now and, as MOH and Best Man, they will be walking down the aisle together after all ;). For reals though, Hannah has been with me through thick and thin and I couldn’t think of anyone better to stand by my side next May.

I am beyond blessed by these 4 women. Stay tuned to see how I asked them to be my bridesmaids!

Still curious? Check out my last post and my about me.

Enjoy y’all!



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