So… Who am I?!


Thanks for stopping by my new project! My name is Rachel, I’m a student at Texas Christian University (go frogs!) and I just recently got engaged to this handsome stud:

what a hottie.

what a hottie.

His name is Bryan, but he will often be referred to as B-Dog, B, Burny (long story), Old Man, and many other creative names… We had been dating for 2 years, to the day, when he proposed and we are getting married two years later! TWO YEARS?! That is a long time! Believe me, I know… But I am pretty young (we were engaged right after my sophomore year in college) and it was important that I finish my education before we tied the knot!

even the people in the back are shocked!

even the people in the back are shocked!

So that was back in May, it is now January and we have been engaged approximately 8 months. Just in case you are new to the wedding world, most people would already be married by now! Anywho, here is the ring- such a stunner.

bling bling

bling bling

Pardon my unpolished nails- I was obviously unaware that this was going to happen!

So far in the past 8 months I have :

– picked out a dress

– asked my bridesmaids

– picked a venue

– scoured pinterest like crazy (here is the link to mine)

More on that later. Recently, I decided recently that I wasn’t going to think about the wedding for the next 2 months, obviously that hasn’t worked out! Planning a wedding is a lot more stressful than I thought, so on this blog I will detail the ins and outs of a long engagement and maybe a few more things (like my obsession with the Bachelor).

Enjoy y’all!



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